Uterine Fibroids: Home Remedies and Yoga

Uterine Fibroids are the tumor growths that occur inside the uterus and they often appear at the time of child birth. These uterine fibroids are not cancerous. However, they cannot increase the chances of cancer and do not increase risk too.

Uterine fibroids
They can be as small as a seedling or as large masses in the uterus. Uterine cysts can be bulky and they distort the uterus. Moreover, multiple fibroids can expand the uterus and add on weight on the body.

They often have no symptoms, so many women are unaware of having fibroids in the uterus. When you do a pelvic examination by a doctor, fibroids are discovered.

Symptoms of Uterine Fibroid:

As discussed above, there can be little to no symptoms in Uterine fibroid. Moreover, the symptoms differ from woman to woman depending on the size, location and number of fibroids.

The most common signs and symptoms typically observed by  women having fibroids are:

  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • The periods are irregular and can last as long as a week
  • Urge to urinate often
  • Constipation
  • Leg pain and back ache is observed
    Symptoms of Uterine Fibroid

    It is very rare for these to cause pain. Usually, pain results when the fibroids are overgrown and when there isn't much blood supply to them.

The fibroids that grow within the uterine wall are known as intramural fibroids, when they in the uterine cavity they are known as submucosal fibroids. Moreover, fibroids are sub serosal when it grows outside the uterus.

Causes of Fibroids:

There is no exact cause of Uterine fibroids However, here are some possible causes of uterine fibroids:

Causes of Fibroids


When there are changes in the genetic makeup of the body. This is a cause because the fibroids found in the uterus have different genetic makeup as compared to normal cells.

Hormonal changes:

Estrogen and progesterone are important hormones in females responsible for reproductive health. Hence they  stimulate the formation of uterine lining. Thus these hormones can lead to fibroids growth inside the body.

They affect growth of fibroids because the fibroids contain more receptors for these hormones than normal uterine muscle cells. It is observed that the fibroids appear to shrink after menopause dur to fluctuation in the hormones.

Growth factors:

The substances and chemical messengers such as the insulin-like growth factor influence the development of tissues in the body. Therefore, they can affect the growth of fibroids in the uterus.

Extracellular matrix:

This extracellular matrix increases the sticking tendency of the cells. When the levels of ECM increase then it results in tumor formation. Hence, When you have fibroids, the levels of ECM increase. It is also responsible for storing growth factors and therefore they influence the growth of tumors in the uterus.

According to doctors, the uterine fibroids are a result of stem cells in the smooth muscle tissue in the uterus. As a result the stem cells begin to multiply and form a firm, rubbery mass which forms uterine fibroids.

However, the growth of fibroids can e very rapid or very slow. It depends on the amount of hormones and other causative agents present in the body at that particular time.

Risk factors associated with Uterine Fibroids:

Here are some risks that can influence the growth of uterine growth factors inside the body.


Any women in the reproductive age can have uterine fibroids inside the body. However, black women are most susceptible to formation of fibroids in the body. Hence among all the races black women are most likely to have them.


If your mother or sister has got this issue, you might develop it sooner or later. This is because genetics influence the growth of fibroids.

Other factors:

Here are some other risk factors associated with them:

  • Start of menstruation cycle at an early age.
  • Deficiency of vitamin D
  • If you have diet that involves high quantities of red meat.
  • If you are an alcoholic

Home remedies for Uterine health and to treat Uterine Fibroids:

Lemon juice for Uterine Fibroids:

Lemon juice is rich source of vitamin C and citric acid. This juice is also great antioxidant. Hence it helps to improve uterine health. The antioxidants reduce oxidative stress and reduce the chance of uncontrollable cell growth.

Lemon juice


You can use lemon juice in the following way:

Take 1 to 2 tablespoon of lemon juice and mix it to one glass of water. Add in some baking soda and drink this mixture everyday.

Garlic for Uterine Fibroids:

Garlic is great for inflammation and  contains allicin. It is rich in vitamin C and B6 which affects the balance of the hormones in the body. Hence, the reproductive health is influenced. Garlic has antioxidant properties and also they help to remove toxic waste from the pelvic cavity, uterine and ovarian tissue. Therefore it helps to reduce the growth of uterine fibroids.

You can have garlic in the following:

Add 1 to 2 cloves of raw garlic as salad dressing, it is both tasty and medically effective.

Ginger for Uterine Fibroids:

Ginger helps with various conditions related to hormonal changes. This is because, it maintains the hormonal balance inside the body. Ginger also stimulates the endocrine glands which are responsible for hormone secretion and synthesis.


Ginger for Uterine Fibroids

Hence, the excess secretion of estrogen to the fibroids is stopped. This helps in reducing the chances of excessively grown cysts and decreases development of uterine fibroids.

You can have ginger in the form of a tea:

Take 1 inch of ginger, peel it and grate. Then add this juice to one cup of water and boil. You can add honey and tea if you want sweetness and flavor.

Turmeric for uterine fibroids:

The active ingredient inside the turmeric is curcumin which is effective against the development of fibroids.

You can have turmeric in the following way:

Turmeric milk:

Take one inch or more of raw turmeric and grate it into the milk. Then boil the milk along with the turmeric. You can also add honey to this mixture, it will add sweetness.

Turmeric milk
If you do not have turmeric go for turmeric powder. Just substitute the grated turmeric to 1-2 tsp. of turmeric for one glass of milk.

Turmeric Tea:

Take 1 inch of raw turmeric or 1-2 tsp. of turmeric and boil it in one cup of water. However, do not strain. Drink this turmeric tea hot.

Turmeric tea

Honey for Uterine Fibroids:

Honey is natural anti-inflammatory agent. It is very effective against the growth of tumors. Thus it is effective against uterine fibroids. Have honey as you want, you  can add to something as sweetener or you can eat it raw.

Honey for Uterine Fibroids



Beetroot is great for uterine cysts. This is because it contains betacyanin which helps to clear away the toxins from the body, helps in balancing of acidity in the body. Therefore beetroot is very essential to treat fibroids and cysts in the uterus. Beetroot also reduces the symptoms and causes of uterine fibroids.

 You can have beet root by mixing its juice with aloe Vera juice and blackstrap molasses.

Olive oil:

Olive oil is much nutritious and great for uterine fibroids. It reduces the oxidative stress of the body thus decreases the occurrence and development of cysts in the uterine.

Olive oil
 You should include olive oil in your diet as a choice of oil and you can also use it for salad dressings.

Olive oil can also be used individually in the form of drink with water and lemon juice.

Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider is a go to remedy for everything. Here it helps to decrease the occurrence and development of uterine fibroids

Apple cider vinegar
You can have this in the following way:

Take 1 to 2 tablespoon of ACV and add it to one glass of water and some honey. Drink this mixture to avoid the development of fibroids.


Fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids thus helps to reduce the growth of fibroids. You should eat fishes which are present in cold water such as the sardines, salmon, tuna and herring to help in uterine fibroids.

Castor oil:

It is traditional remedy for uterine fibroid treatment. castor oil helps  to remove toxins from the tissues. Moreover, it also stimulates the circulatory system and lymphatic system in the body which reduces the occurrence of uterine cysts.

Castor oil
You can use castor oil by using following steps :

Take one to two tbsp. of castor oil and heat it. Then soak a clean cloth into the oil and place on the lower abdominal area. Cover it with plastic foil and place a rough napkin over it. Then use a heating pad and place it on the rough napkin. Keep it in for some 30 minutes. You will notice that the condition of uterine fibroids and uterine cysts improves.

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