Top 10 Tech CEOs 2021 | top 10 ceo in the world 2021 | top 10 richest ceo in the world 2021

 Top 10 Tech CEOs 

1. Elon Musk 

SpaceX and Tesla individual advocate Elon Musk has shocked the web - with his wry takes on Twitter to the quirky manifestations coming around under his authority. As indicated by the assessment, 340,957 articles about Elon Musk were disseminated between September 2020 and August 2021. The assumed untouchable actually dazed the world with the Tesla Bot, a robot that mirrors individuals without the sci-fi obsession with robots bringing down individuals. Check out Elon Musk's ten unimaginable comments. 

2. Jeff Bezos 

Consistently a phase behind Elon Musk, Amazon, and Blue Origin's Jeff Bezos came in at the second spot with 142,862 web based articles referring to the master of online business all through the last year. In basically the last week, Bezos caused a web storm subsequent to placing assets into a start up that requirements to alter developing and find a solution for mortality. Elon Musk's response to this endeavor fanned the fire. Scrutinize how Jeff Bezos needs to beat the grave and become unfading. 

3. Bill Gates 

Exceptionally obvious? We agree. Regardless, the primary leader of an undertaking and the excellent ally of tech behemoth, Microsoft accepting the third spot similarly as the internet based buzz a year ago. Entryways was referred to in 84,262 web articles between 2020-2021. Entryways' outstandingly publicized segment from long haul life partner Melinda Gates may have added to the man's interminable web based qualification. 

4. Warren Buffett 

Make an effort not to scratch your head. Warren Buffet is famous for more than his plenitude. The 91-year-old giver and business mogul head Berkshire Hathaway - a mix that has 60 significant associations like Dairy Queen and battery maker Duracell. To some degree as of late, 45,168 articles were dispersed concerning Warren Buffett, as demonstrated by MoneyTransfers. Buffett is similarly known for his consideration and has promised to leave behind near 100% of his wealth, with help from #3 Bill Gates. 

5. Engraving Zuckerberg 

Golly! The Facebook writer and electronic media jumping being Mark Zuckerberg flooded the provisions last year - generally for assurance concerns enveloping the things introduced by the Facebook social event of associations, including the by and large used WhatsApp and Instagram. Zuckerberg has given the gift/scold (depends upon how you see it) of modernized online media to the world, for which he continues to create buzz on the web. To some degree as of late, something like 39,047 articles about the Facebook coordinator was circulated. 

6. Richard Branson 

Everybody loves a little Branson! The investor is the third rich American keen on the affirmed "prosperous individual space race," with the other two being #1 Elon Musk and #2 Jeff Bezos. With the Virgin Galactic spaceflight as of late, Branson set the energy of the room the movement business for well-off financial specialists. All through the last year, Richard Branson had 37,144 articles clarified him in the modernized climate. 

7. Mukesh Ambani 

India's perfect example for wealth Mukesh Ambani is additionally the greatest financial backer of Reliance Industries, a Fortune Global 500 association, India's most critical association. Ambani's most excessive person in Asia has been credited for starting the high level commotion in India with the methodology of Jio stages that made India the market with the world's most economical web and stretched out induction to snare for the normal Indian. Between 2020-2021, Ambani got 27,683 hits similarly as article volume. 

8. Jack Dorsey 

What's an imaginative summary without Twitter creator Jack Dorsey. While Dorsey is on the lower-profile side of online media finance managers, he remains a critical name by standards of his establishment - Twitter. Twitter's industry-describing move happened last year when the web-based media beast started getting serious with regards to lie with terms and complete blacklists. Twitter set up a fearless face against constant deception spreader Donald Trump, which set the precedent. 

Between September 2020-August 2021, Dorsey had 24,654 articles being circulated with respect to him. 

9. Jack Ma 

China's main financial specialist Jack Ma - to the world. His country could do without him much. To be sure, lately, China thwarted Alibaba's originator from setting up the world's greatest IPO with Ant. China considers tech to be as semi assemblies and has made a move against colossal associations to thwart a Chinese Facebook from outlining. Inferable from his negative comments about Xi Jinping and the consequence that followed, Jack Ma delivered an amazing buzz on the web - with 14,723 articles to some degree as of late. 

10. Sundar Pichai 

Last is once in a while the least, they say - and comparative remaining parts consistent for Sundar Pichai. Google's Indian-American CEO took the tenth spot in the most discussed money managers list. Pichai is credited for normalizing Google Chrome as the choice web program and changing Google's cloud-driven system. He similarly expects an intrinsic part in Google's thing improvement missions. Fairly as of late, 10,838 articles were circulated with respect to Pichai.

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