Stomach gases: Home remedies for pain due to stomach gases

 In our digestion, formation of gases is very normal. These gases can be expelled out of the body in the form of burps or passing gas and th...

 In our digestion, formation of gases is very normal. These gases can be expelled out of the body in the form of burps or passing gas and this is very normal. There could be pain when the stomach gases remain in the body. Moreover, the pain due to gases is also very distinct. You can notice this pain to be very sharp and sometimes it radiates to the chest too.

The gases in the body increase due to certain eating habits and dietary factors. You can easily identify the food that cause stomach gases and try to avoid them.

There are certain diseases that increase the production and storage of gases in the body. These diseases are irritable bowel syndrome, celiac diseases and other digestion related diseases.

Symptoms of stomach gases:

How to know if the pain in the stomach is due to stomach gases?

Here are some symptoms that can help you identify if you are suffering from stomach gases:

  • Burping often
  • Passing gas more frequently than usual
  • Cramps and knotted feeling in the stomach. The pain associated with gases is generally similar to cramps and you feel sharp pain in the stomach.
  • Feeling of fullness and pressure inside the abdomen (this is called as bloating)
  • the stomach looks bigger and rounder than usual and the size also increases.
  • Burping and passing gas is normal. However, if you notice sharp pain associated with the stomach and bloating then the discomfort increases.

Can stomach gases be serious?

Stomach gas pain is very normal and can get cured within a day or too. However, you should see a doctor if you have the following symptoms alongside gases:

  • Persistent stomach pain and bloating for days.
  • Blood in the stools
  • The consistency of stools changes
  • Weight loss
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Nausea and vomiting.

Causes of stomach gases:

When you swallow air, gas is formed inside the stomach. This gas gets released on burping and farting.

Moreover, gases can also be formed due to fermentation of carbohydrates, fibers, starches, sugars by the intestinal bacteria, if not well digested.

  • Foods that are prone to form gases inside the stomach are:
  • beans, peas and all types of legumes
  • Some fruits like jackfruit
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • These high fiber food increase the gas production inside the body. However, they are very good for the health of the digestive tract and also help to regulate sugar and cholesterol levels inside the body.

Other food that increase the amount of stomach gas in the body:

These are some foods that increase the amount of stomach gas in the body:

Carbonated drinks:

The carbonated drinks increase stomach gas in the body. For example; beer, soft drinks, soda etc.


If you take fiber supplements like psyllium, then there is increase in colon gas formation and leads to stomach pain.

Sugar substitutes:

The sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners like mannitol, xylitol increase the colon gas and stomach gas. These are found mainly in sweet products termed as sugar free.

Eating habits:

When you eat very quickly, chew gum, suck on candies, it results in swallowing of air. This eventually causes increase in gases in the stomach leading to stomach gas.

Medical conditions responsible for stomach gas:

Chronic intestinal diseases like ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis cause increase in stomach leading to stomach pain.

Bacterial overgrowth can be one of the reasons of increase in the gases. This is because the fermentation increases and this leads to increase in gas production in the body.

Food intolerances: If you eat certain foods that are impossible for the digestive system to break down, it leads to gases in the stomach.

Constipation: It is very common cause of constipation. It results in difficulty to pass gases from the stomach.

10 Home remedies to get rid of stomach gases:

Apple cider vinegar for stomach gases:

Apple cider vinegar improves the digestion and symptoms of heart burn and gases. This is because it increases alkalinity by working against the stomach acid. It is great for digestion because it increases the digestive enzymes in the body.

You can use it in the following way:

Take 1-2 tsp. of apple cider vinegar along with water before every meal.

Cumin water for stomach gases:

Cumin has a large amount of volatile oils. It also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This means that cumin is great for any problems related to stomach distress especially stomach gases.

Here is how you can prepare cumin water:

Take 1-2 tsp. of cumin and add it to one cup of water. Boil this cumin concoction for  5 mins and drink every night before sleeping.

Cumin strengthens the digestive tract and helps in bloating.

Carom seeds for stomach gases:

Carom seeds are used from ages in India to get rid of stomach problems like bloating and stomach ache in children. The most important component responsible  for releasing gas from the stomach in carom seeds is thymol.

You can use carom seeds in the following way:

Take 1-2 tsp of carrom seeds and add them to one cup of water. Add some sugar and boil this for about 5 mins. Drink this concoction if you have stomach gas. Moreover, you can give it to small babies too who have stomach pain due to stomach gas

Yogurt for stomach gases:

Yogurt is rich in good bacteria, which means that it is a great probiotic. Hence, to improve digestion and intestinal flora eat yogurt or curd everyday. Yogurt relieves stomach gas.

Eat one small bowl of yogurt after meal at least once very day.

Turmeric for stomach gases:

The turmeric's main active compound is curcumin and other compounds are sterols and polyphenols. Thus it helps in digestive conditions and stomach gases. You can have turmeric in the following way for gas:

Add this powder to milk or  hot water and drink this daily for relief against a number of ailments.

Asafetida for stomach gases:

Asafetida is a latex of a tree. It is very strong on flavor and a great anti-flatulent. It is great antimicrobial and provides you comfort from digestive problems such as intestinal gas, flatulence and irritable bowel syndrome.

You can have asafetida in the following way:

Add a bit of asafetida to some water, boil it drink at least once daily.

In babies you can use asafetida to relieve gases in the following way:

Take 1-2 tsp. of asafetida and add it some water, just enough to form a paste. Then warm this paste and apply it over the naval region of the baby for getting relief from stomach gases.

Fennel seeds:

Fennel seeds are great because they contain volatile oil which helps to relieve gases and decreases bloating of the stomach. The most important constituents in fennel are fenchone, anethole and estragole which have antispasmodic  activities.

You can have fennel seeds in the following way:

Eat one tsp. of fennel seeds after dinner for good digestion and reduction in bloating.

You can also prepare tea out of fennel in the following way:

Take 2-3 tsp. of fennel seeds and add it one cup of water. Boil this in water and drink this water every day for relief from digestive problems.

Baking soda:

Baking soda will help relieve stomach gas. This is because the baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate. This is an antacid as it is basic in nature. This means it will react with acid in the stomach and neutralize it. Thus it results in reduction in bloating . Moreover, even pancreas contain some sodium bicarbonate which helps to neutralize the stomach acid hence for stomach gases.

You can have baking soda for  stomach gas in the following way:

Take one glass of water and add one tsp. of baking soda to it. Then add some lemon juice to the water and then drink this mixture for relief from stomach gas.


Ginger has anti-inflammatory property and also it acts a digestive tonic for the stomach. It also reduces the bloating sensation and promotes digestion of food in the stomach. Ginger also eases flatulence and eases pain due to stomach gas. Moreover, it is great for nausea too

You can have ginger in the following way:

Take one inch of ginger and grate it. To this grated ginger, add some lemon juice, asafetida and honey or sugar. Have this every time you suffer from stomach gas. You can also prepare in large quantities store this in the refrigerator.

Yoga poses to relieve stomach gas:


It is called knees to chest pose. It releases excess pressure and gas associated with stomach discomfort. As the name suggests it is very easy pose.


Lie down on your back and inhale as you take your knees up to your chest.

Your back should be flat on the floor in this pose. Be in this hugging position for 5 mins. Exhale slowly as you bring your knees back to the original position.

It is very effective to relieve gases and stretches the abdominal muscles.

Bridge pose:

Bridge pose is very effective in relaxing the abdominal muscles and increases your metabolism.

You can do these pose in the following way:

Lie down on your back and lift your waist up. You should lift your waist and chest up in such a way that the pressure is applied on the thyroid area in the neck. Place your hands beneath your back and hold your hands if possible. Be in this position for about 5 min and then relax. Repeat this pose 2-3 times.

Seated forward bend pose:

It stretches your spine and helps release the gases. It brings pressure on the abdominal area. Hence, relieves stomach ache.

You can do this pose in the following way:

Sit on the floor with your back straight and legs straight ahead of you. Then bend forward so that your nose touches the knees. Stay in the seated forward pose for 5 mins.


This pose will relieve stomach ache.


Sit on the floor on your knees and then bend forward. The nose should touch the floor. Be sure that the pressure is applied on the stomach region. Keep your hands straight over your head so that the palms are placed on the floor


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Ullu Series - Dekhtey Raho: Stomach gases: Home remedies for pain due to stomach gases
Stomach gases: Home remedies for pain due to stomach gases
Ullu Series - Dekhtey Raho
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