Migraine treatment: Home remedies and yoga

 A migraine is basically severe headache. In this condition, only one side of the head experiences pain. Headache due to migraine is cau...

 A migraine is basically severe headache. In this condition, only one side of the head experiences pain. Headache due to migraine is causes some other symptoms too, like nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to bright light and sound.

These headaches come in the form of attacks and usually last from a few hours to days at a stretch. Moreover, before actually having an attack, you might notice some warning symptoms known as aura. Before you have migraine, you may notice disturbances in seeing, blind spots or light spots, Tingling on one side of the arm and slurred speech. These indicate, that you are going to have a migraine attack soon.

Symptoms of migraine:

It usually begins from childhood or adolescence. They progress in four stages viz., Prodrome, aura, attack and post drome. Some may notice all of these symptoms or some of them.

Prodrome symptoms of migraine:

These symptoms just one or two days prior to having an attack. These changes are noticeable and you can consult a doctor immediately, if you observe them.

  • Constipation
  • Food cravings
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Increase in thirst and urination
  • Yawning


Some people may notice aura symptoms, before or during this. The symptoms are usually visual disturbances that are reversible. These symptoms start as minor but in an hour or so they build up rapidly.

Here are some aura symptoms noticed :

  • Visual disturbances like bright light or blind spots
  • Even vision loss can occur
  • Tingling sensation in the arms or legs
  • Weakness in the body
  • Numbing of one side of the face
  • Hallucinations about noises and music
  • Uncontrollable body movements.

Attack symptoms:

A migraine attack can last from several hours to days if left untreated. They occur once a month or sometimes all of a sudden.

During this attack, you might notice the following symptoms :

  • Pain on one side of the head
  • Throbbing pain in the head
  • High sensitivity to bright light and sound
  • Vomiting

Post drome symptoms:

They are observed after a migraine attack. They can be given as following:

  • Drain out
  • Confusion
  • Fatigue
  • Sudden pain while moving your head.

Causes of migraine:

There are many causes of migraine. However, the exact causative factor is unknown. It is found that genetics, Environmental factors play an important role in a person with it.

The pain in this can be associated with the changes in brainstem and its interaction with trigeminal nerve. The pain can also be a result of chemical imbalances in the serotonin levels in the body.

Other neurotransmitters that appear to play role in the it, include calcitonin gene related peptide(CGRP).

However, these might be some causes, we are still able to find certain trigger factors that might increase the chances of you getting a migraine attack. Here are some of the trigger factor factors of migraine:

Drinks and hangover:

If you have had a lot of alcohol or too much coffee, you might have migraine.


Stress is an important cause of migraine and can be controlled by meditation practices.

Sensory stimulus:

We have seen that it affects the way we perceive sensory stimulus like bright light and sound. Hence, bright lights, high volume sounds  can trigger it. Moreover, the stimuli such as string smell of  perfumes, paint thinners  and smoking can trigger migraines in some people.

Changes in sleep pattern:

If you sleep deprived then your brain is very tired and this can cause this in some people.

Hormonal changes women:

fluctuations in the hormonal levels in the body can cause it. The hormones that influence migraines is estrogen, There is fluctuations in the estrogen levels during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause.

Moreover, if you are taking any type of contraceptives then you will notice that the migraines worsen gradually.

Physical exercise:

The headaches caused by the migraine are triggered by intense physical exercise and sexual activity can lead to this.


Weather changes that can influence it are basically changes in the atmospheric pressure.


Extremely cheesy, fried and processed foods are known to cause migraines.

Risk factors for migraine:

Here are some risk factors which determine if you will suffer from migraine.

Family history:

The family history influences migraine. If you have a close relative that has it, you might also have it.


It can begin from any age and they mostly occur during adolescence or during your 30s.


Women are more prone to migraines than men. This is because there are changes in the estrogen levels in the body.

Hormonal changes:

If you are a woman and suffering from hormonal issues and taking medications that alter the hormonal levels. Then you are most prone to this condition and headaches.

15 Home remedies for migraine treatment:

Essential oils for migraine:

The essential oils are very good to relieve and one of the natural remedies for headaches. These essential oils relieve stress and anxiety in the body, which causes it.

You can use lavender as it is great for relieving the stress and anxiety and hence help to treat headaches resulting from migraines.

Ginger for migraine:

In ancient Indian medicine throat pain was treated with Ginger tea. Ginger has anti-inflammatory property and eases migraine symptoms.

One study showed that Ginger relieved cough by relaxing the cell membranes . However, in ancient India a concoction of ginger was given for sore throat relief.

To prepare ginger tea , take 2 tsps. of grated ginger and add it to one cup of boiling water. Boil for some time and have this twice or thrice daily.

Staying hydrated:*image

Researchers have said  that having water at room temperature benefit in relieving throat pain and flu like symptoms.

Staying hydrated will help relieve some cough . You should also  drink hot water throughout the day. You should have hot beverages.

Some hot beverages are:
herbal tea
clear soup

Stress management in migraine with the help of meditation:

Meditation is very important for relieving stress in the body. The meditation practice helps in doing so  by clearing the thoughts and thinking process. This helps in stressful situations and gradually with practice, you do not panic in such situations.

You can practice meditation in the following way:

sit in a lotus position on the floor or sit on a chair. Then take a deep breath and breath out. Repeat this for as long as you could for at least 10 minutes. During this time pay attention to your breath and gently pass from one thought to another. Do not stress on any one thought and try to view it as a third person.

Repeat this practice daily and practice for at least 20 minutes or so.

You can also practice stress management, if you indulge some time from your busy schedule towards hobbies, listen to music or exercise.

Biofeedback therapy for migraine:

Biofeedback therapy is great for releasing tension from the tightened muscles of the body. The technique involves, attaching sensors to muscles and seeing which muscles have tension. This is done so that the user realizes which muscles are under stress and so that they can relax it.

Acupuncture for migraine:

Acupuncture can relieve the headaches according to 2012 study. The study says that acupuncture is effective against headaches associated with migraines. However, it also said that other factors can affect the effectiveness.

If you want to get this therapy, then you should consult your doctor and find a licensed practitioner.

Massage for migraine:

Head message can be very effective to relieve headache and migraine. It helps to relieve tension in the muscles of the body and especially the neck associated with migraines.

You can opt for professional massage by a practitioner. It has many other health benefits too apart from treating migraines.

Butterbur for migraine:

The herb butterbur has found to be effective in treating headaches and migraines. It helps in migraine by reducing the intensity and frequency of migraine in the body.

You can have butterbur in the following way:

Take a daily dose of at most 150 mg for 3 months for migraines. This is given by American migraine foundation.


Magnesium helps in getting rid of migraines and headaches. If you have magnesium deficiency then you might be noticing migraine aura or migraine in or before menstruation. However, this can only be in some individuals. Hence, if you take magnesium supplements, you can get rid of migraines and headaches.

But, before taking any kind of supplement, make sure that you have consulted your doctor.

Vitamin B:

Vitamin B have great impact on headaches due to migraine. These vitamins are important for the function of  the nerves and neurotransmitters in the brain.

Moreover, these are very safe vitamins as they are water soluble. The B vitamin does not accumulate in the body and gets excreted from the body if present in excess in the body.

Sleep properly to prevent migraine:

If you do not sleep enough, you can get migraines. The migraines get treated after you sleep and rest.

According to doctors you should sleep for at least  6-7 hours very night for getting rid of problems associated with migraine.

Cold compress for migraine pain: *img

Practice cold compress to relieve the migraine pain.

Hot compress for migraine: *img

Hot compress is also beneficial for shoulder pain. This is because the muscles relax and the stress reduces in the neck. This reduces shoulder ache.

Yoga poses for migraine:

Child pose for shoulder pain:*img

It is deeply relaxing yoga pose called 'shishuasana'

How to do this pose?

Sit on your knees in such a way that heels touch the buttocks. Then bend down and keep your hands over your head. Keep your palms facing down.

It calms the nervous system and relieves stress, hence it is great for shoulder pain

Seated forward bend pose: *img

It stretches your spine and helps in spine health. It brings pressure on the abdominal area. Hence, relieves shoulder pain.

You can do this pose in the following way:

Sit on the floor with your back straight and legs straight ahead of you. Then bend forward so that your nose touches the knees. Stay in the seated forward pose for 5 mins or as long as you could.

Legs against the wall pose: *img

In this pose you have to lie down on your back and place your legs parallel to the wall. Lean the legs over the wall and stay in this position for some time.

It improves blood circulation to the upper body. Hence, very good pose for shoulder pain relief.

Cat pose: *img

Steps to do this pose:

Stand on all fours on the floor with your knees and palms on the floor. Then inhale as you bend your spine in such a way that the belly is in dip position and the hips are up. Then exhale as you round your spine tilting your head and tail bone towards the floor just like a cat.

This pose helps in relieving pain related to spinal cord and neck.

Triangle pose : *img

This pose is best for beginners. This is because it is very easy to do and you can do this with low flexibility too.

How to do this pose?

Stand straight with feet slightly wide apart. Then bend down sideways in such a way that your hands touch the toes of the feet. It may not touch in the beginning but flexibility will increase with practice.

However, it is important to stretch the muscles. Practice this pose for 5-10 mins for relief.

Corpse pose: * img

It is very easy and should be done after all the yoga.

Just lie down quietly. Remove all the bondages such as belts, watch etc. Lie on your back with feet slightly apart. Be in this position for 20 mins.

Helps reduce vaat dosha. It is very good yoga pose shoulder pain.


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Ullu Series - Dekhtey Raho: Migraine treatment: Home remedies and yoga
Migraine treatment: Home remedies and yoga
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