Hot urine : 15 Easy and effective home remedies

 Why does my urine feel so hot ? Hot urine is usually because either the temperature of urine has increased or you are experiencing a burni...

 Why does my urine feel so hot ?

Hot urine is usually because either the temperature of urine has increased or you are experiencing a burning sensation while peeing. These symptoms tell us that there is some kind of infection in the body. When there is infection there is inflammation. These could possibly be signs of Urinary Tract Infections.

So how hot is too hot in hot urine?

The body temperature is 37C on an average. Hence the urine should be of the same temperature as the body. It feels hot because when urine comes in contact with externally located genital skin, it feels hotter than the surrounding. However, t is same as the temperature of the body. In cold conditions, you may also notice steam coming out of the urine when you pee.

So generally urine is warm and feeling it to be hot is perfectly normal. But , if you notice that the urine is hotter than it generally is , then there could be some issues with your urinary system. These can be infection or injury to the urethra.

Symptoms of hot urine:

Symptoms  associated with hot urine are :

  • Vaginal discharge or discharge from penis
  • Genital swelling
  • Urine has foul smell
  • Urine is very dark in color
  • Cloudy urine
  • Pain while urination
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • abdominal pain

What causes hot urine?

Urine temperature is similar to body temperature. This means that in case of a fever , the urine will be hotter than usual. Fever is caused by infections and sometimes if you have burning sensation at the urinating spot , then it could be a urinary tract infection.

This leads to our  possible causes:

Urinary tract infections:

Urinary tract infections or UTI are most common causes for burning sensation and hot urine . These infections are caused by E.coli bacteria. This bacteria causes inflmmation of the urinary tract. The UTI  can be identified by the following symptoms;

  • burning sensation at the urethra
  • Increase in frequency of urination
  • Bad smelling urine
  • Occasionally blood can also come in the urine.

UTI is treated by using antibiotics . Normal antibiotics are used. They reduce the multiplication and kill the bacteria.

UTI is most common in women than men . This could be because the genital structure.


If you do not have UTI , then the fever could be due to some other infections. When a foreign organism enters the body , there is inflammation. This is an immune response. Thus the temperature of the body increases .Because the temperature of the body increases, the temperature of the urine also increases. This is why in fever , there are more chances of hot urine.

Fever can be because of infection anywhere in the body. However, if you feel burning sensation at the urethra then you should get checked for UTI.

Injuries to or near the urethra:

The injuries to or near the urethra include tiny cuts, pimples, scrapes, cuts . The urine hot, salty and acidic in nature. Hence when the urine comes in contact with an injured tissue , it causes burning sensation due to exposed tissue .

Small injuries go away and this burning sensation can be just for temporary period of time .

Sexually transmitted infections:

Sexually transmitted infections injure the urethra and the urinary tract. These infections hence cause hot urine.  The infections can be painful . If a person is having intercourse with an infected person then these infections are transferred. Most of the times , STIs are symptom free , hence it is very to identify whether the person suffers from STI or not.  In such a case you and your partner should get checked for STI. Even though , previous tests were normal , you should test again.

Chlamydia is one such STI that causes the burning pain when passing the urine. Chlamydia is also characterized by vaginal discharge or discharge from penis in men. Moreover, it can also swell and hurt the testicles in men.

Interstitial cystitis :

This disease is like UTI and causes the similar symptoms . However, this is a chronic disease and poorly understood.

We are not sure about the cause of this disease. However, there is damage  to the tissue of the bladder in this condition. This leads to similar symptoms as UTI . Especially, hot urine and burning sensation.

Causes in women:

Post child birth

Vaginal infections : yeast infections, bacterial infections.

Post menopausal vagina.

Causes in Men:

Prostatitis: swelling , pain and inflammation in prostate.

Epididymitis: Inflammation of the epididymis tube.

15 Home remedies to combat hot urine and its causes:

As we saw above, hot urine is usually because of different kinds of infections. These are some of the home remedies to manage those infections ad prevent them from happening.

Wipe after peeing:

If you are at home and want to prevent urinary infections , then wiping your genitals is the best remedy. Whenever you want to pee, just wipe away after you have done peeing. This will decrease of contracting UTI. This will keep your urethra clean and hence help .

Avoid douching:

Infection indicates bad bacteria to be present in the vagina . However, good bacteria are also present in the vagina too. This means that , if you douche, you might be killing both good and bad bacteria. This leads to increase in the risk of UTI. vaginal discharge , if normal , then is very important for discharging unwanted substances.

Do not use bath bombs , bubble bath and bath salts:

This is because they contain a lot of chemicals and can affect the genital health. In case of women bath salts, bath bombs can lead to change in pH of the vagina . In men too , these kind of high chemical products should be avoided. The bath bombs sometimes contain sparkles. They can affect the the genital area by causing irritation . This irritation and itching can cause injury to your urethra . This may cause hot urine.

In such cases try and switch to fragrance free soaps or body wash which are mild in their action.

Wear cotton undergarments:

Undergarments made from materials other than cotton cause immense sweating and irritation at the genital area. Hence, you should switch cotton undergarments . Cotton garments prevent sweating . Moreover, they promote airflow to the genital areas keeping them clean and dry throughout the day. However, you should always keep your urethra dry and clean too. Having good air circulation down there will not let any bacteria breed in the environment.

Hence to prevent infections , cotton fabrics are very essential.

Change tampons and sanitary pads frequently:

It is advised that you should wear a menstrual pad or tampon for not more than 6 hours. This is because , the synthetic material of the sanitary napkins can expose your vulva to a range of bacteria. Tampons can encourage the growth of bacteria. This is because the conditions in the vagina are moist and humid, this  increases the spread and infection of bacteria.

Tampons and cups if not placed properly in the vagina, may lead to trapping of urine. This will increase the risk of infections. Hence it can cause hot urine.

Avoid spermicides:

Spermicides are inserted into vagina before intercourse  as a birth control measure. It can cause infection in the vagina and the male partner can also get this. It causes a lot of irritation. You will hence experience hot urine.

Apply heat :

Apply heat bag to the pelvic region to ease pain. You can also take a warm bath if you want to  relieve yourself from the abdominal pain associated with infection and irritation. When you take a bath make sure to avoid any sort of bath bombs or soaps that contain a lot of fragrance and chemicals. These may cause further irritation of the urethra.

Drink a lot of water:

When you drink a lot of water, it can help in  flushing off of the bacteria from the body. You should drink at least 4-6 cups of water every day. You should have 2 liters of water every single day to avoid hot urine and flushing out of urine.

Drink cranberry juice:

Cranberry juice contains proanthocyanins. They prevent the sticking of bacteria to the the bladder and urinary tract. Hence prevent infection. Cranberry juice can reduce the chances of bacterial infections a person can have over 12 months .

Urinate often:

Urination can help you flush out all the bacteria in the urinary region out. If we resist urination , the bacteria stays in the bladder for a long time . This makes bacteria stick to the bladder and urinary tract, increases the chances of inflammation. This indeed increases irritation and causes hot urine. Hence you should pee often especially before and after intercourse.

Increase garlic in the diet:

Garlic is known to boost your immune system and has antibacterial property. Allicin is a sulphur compound in garlic. It is proven effective against E.coli.

Avoid sugar:

If you eat more sugar , then the growth and multiplication of bacteria in the body increases. This is because, bacteria love sugar and it acts as food for them. Hence avoid excess sugar in the diet to avoid burning sensation and  hot urine.


Probiotics contain good bacteria. If you are suffering from any type of infection which produces hot urine, then make sure you have enough amount of probiotics . Probiotics are easily available in the grocery store . Good bacteria are also present in curd and buttermilk.

Herbal remedies:

Herbals help in combating UTI that produce hot urine. Some of the herbal remedies are:

Cranberry extract


Dandelion root


Herbal oils:

Herbal oils are very good for combating infections. They have antimicrobial activity.

Oregano essential is proven to have effect against E.coli bacteria.

Lemongrass oil and clove oil also show anti bacterial property . Hence they prevent progression of UTI infection.

You can take these essential oil by inhaling through a diffuser or you can apply them topically on the genital area.



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Ullu Series - Dekhtey Raho: Hot urine : 15 Easy and effective home remedies
Hot urine : 15 Easy and effective home remedies
Ullu Series - Dekhtey Raho
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