Effective home remedies for nose bleeding

 When we see blood , we panic . In that short moment we all  imagine all the worst case scenarios right? It is quite natural as a human. Alt...

 When we see blood , we panic . In that short moment we all  imagine all the worst case scenarios right? It is quite natural as a human. Although Nose bleeds may appear to be very serious , they are actually very common . They rarely indicate any serious conditions.

Nose is highly vascular organ. This means that nose contains a lot of blood vessels and they are delicate to any stimulus. So, they  bleed easily. Nose bleeds are quite common in adults and children from the age of 3 to 10.


Types of nose bleeds:

There are two types of noose bleeds: Anterior nose bleeds (not serious) and posterior nose bleeds.

Anterior nose bleeds occur when the blood vessels  in the front of the nose break and bleed and they are random nose bleeds.

Posterior nose bleeds occur when the blood vessels of the inside part of the nose break and start to bleed. It bleeds from the back of the throat .They could be dangerous and may indicate an underlying diseases.

Causes of nose bleeds:

Sudden nose bleed is rarely a problem. However, if your nose bleeds often then it could indicate a serious problem.

The most common cause of nosebleeds is overexposure to dry air in cold temperatures or in summer. If you are living in a dry climate and have central heating system, it will dry out the tissues inside your nose. The dryness will cause crusting inside your nose .When you pick your nose, this will lead to rupture of blood vessels and nose bleeding. This is rarely serious and can be managed by easy home remedies .Nose bleeding during pregnancy can also be the cause on anterior nose bleeding.

Using anti histamines or decongestants for blocked sinuses during cold or allergies may also lead to drying of the nasal tissues.  If you blow your nose more than you actually need will lead to bleeding.

Other causes :

Foreign objects inside your nose.

  • chemical irritants
  • Nose injury
  • allergy
  • sneezing repeatedly
  • Picking nose with sharp object like nails or picking nose often
  • Dry cold air
  • Respiratory tract infection
  • Large doses of aspirin , which causes  thinning of the blood as it is thrombolytic.
  • Hypertension
  • Blood clots
  • Blood disorder
  • Cancer

When to see your doctor ?

You should take doctors consultation when the nose bleeding is found to last longer than 20 minutes. This could happen after suffering a nose injury. Nose injuries may include ; broken nose, skull fracture, internal bleeding and accidents .

 some other problems associated with nose bleeds that require medical attention :

  • Rapid bleeding and blood loss
  • difficulty in breathing
  • You have swallowed a lot of blood and now  you are vomiting due to nausea.
  • If you have anemia like  symptoms ; fatigue, weakness, cold, short of breath, pale skin , cold extremities.
  • you have child of 2  years having nose bleeds.
  • nose bleeds occurs after you start with a new medication.
  • If you have nose bleeds as well as bruises on your body . This may indicate blood clotting disorder (Von Willebrand disease or hemophilia associated with factor 11)

This could be serious and hence you should consult your doctor immediately.

Diagnosis of nose bleeds:

When you go to your doctor , he/she will enquire you about nose bleeds in the following way:

  • Length (in mins)  of the bleeding
  • The amount of blood lost approximately.
  • Frequency of your nose bleeds.
  • Does the nose bleed from one or both of the nostrils.

Doctor will also ask if you are any kind of medications, history of diseases, family history to diagnose the issue. They will also ask you about your eating habits, amount of alcohol or smoking or drugs  if you do. after getting enough medication history , the doctor will proceed to identifying the source of bleeding.

The doctor will use a device to keep the nostril open . Then they will insert a light source preferably an endoscope and examine the nasal passage. For this the doctor might use local anesthetic . They might even remove clots and crusts. Although this is not painful but it is very unpleasant and it might be uncomfortable too.

If the doctor finds some different issue, he/she can advice you to do CT scan or X ray scan or blood tests . This is done to check whether you have  nasal tumors  or bleeding disorders like hemophilia . if you might have an injury to your skull.

Home remedies for nasal bleeding:

  • If you have nose bleeding and it is all of a sudden . You may try these home remedies to stop the nose from bleeding. However ,as discussed above , if you are experiencing abnormal bleeding it is best to consult the doctor. These are home treatment for nose bleed.

Some effective home remedies that help stop nose bleeding are:

Saline water:*img

Saline water will keep your nasal area moist in dry conditions. It will prevent from formation of dry crusts. Use it in this way:

Just add a pinch of salt to 1/2 cup of water and dissolve it. Then take a dropper and put this water inside your nose drop by drop. A few drops are enough. This will help keeping the area moist inside your nose. The saline has the less osmotic pressure than the blood vessels hence the water will get absorbed.

Onion juice:*img

Onions is a very effective medicine for nose bleeds. In India it is used commonly to stop nose bleeding. Make onion juice by using fresh onions and dip in cotton . Place the cotton swap in the nostril for 3-4 minutes. If you don't have the time to make onion juice , then cut the onion in half or crush the onions and keep it near the nostril that is bleeding and inhale the smell.

Nettle leaf:*img

You can powder the nettle leaves or extract the juice . Just dab the juice inside your nose with a cotton swab.

It will stop nose bleeding .

Ice pack:*img

Ice pack brings down the temperature in the nose. This leads to constriction of blood vessels . When the blood vessels inside the nose constrict , it leads to stoppage of bleeding. It is very effective home remedy for nose bleeding.


Coriander or parsley is a herb which is widely available anywhere. You can make a paste of the leaves and apply this paste on the inner wall of your nostrils or you can also apply it on the forehead.

This provides a cooling effect and prevents nose bleeding promptly.


Cinnamon is known for a number of medicinal properties. You van use cinnamon for nose bleeds in the following way :

Make a glass of hot water and soak the cinnamon sticks in it overnight. In the morning soak cotton in the cinnamon and dab it inside your nose.

Cayenne pepper:*img

Just add 1 tsp of cayenne pepper to 1 cup of warm water. Drink it to get relief from nose bleed.


Basil is available in every household. If you could not find basil Tulsi herb can also be used. Whenever nose starts to bleed chew on some basil leaves. You can also make paste of basil leaves apply inside your nostrils. The bleeding will stop .

Baking soda:*img

Take a 1/2 tsp of salt and 1/2 tsp of baking soda in a glass of water. Spray this mixture inside the bleeding nostril. It will stop the bleeding by constricting the vessels in the nose.

Apple cider vinegar:*img

Take half cup of water and add to it 1-2 tsp of cold water. Dip a cotton swab and place it inside the nostrils. Use an ice pack and place it on the nostrils . Wait for 8 to 10 mins and then take the swab out.

You can prevent reoccurrence of nose bleeds by drinking this cold mixture of apple cider vinegar twice a day.

First aid for nose bleeds:

Here are some actions you can take immediately when you have a bleeding nose:

  1. Sit upright and lean forward. When you sit upright the pressure in the veins drop and there is reduction in bleeding.  Leaning forward will prevent you from gulping the blood which can cause vomiting.
  2. Squeeze your nose and shut your nostrils by using index finger and thumb . Keep squeezing for 10-15 mins and during this time breathe through your mouth.
  3. To prevent bleeding again , try not to clean out your nose and try not to bend down after bleeding has stopped. Keep your head higher than the dimension of your heart. You can also apply petroleum jelly inside your nose.
  4. If re-bleeding occurs , blow your nose strongly to remove clots of blood. Squeeze your nose again for 10 mins. If bleeding doesn't stop then visit your doctor.

 Yoga for nose bleeding:

The yoga for nose bleeding is called as "Neti". In this the nose is cleaned along with nasal passages. The 'neti' yoga is especially effective for nose bleeding. However, if you practice this yoga you will experience that , it also is effective in bronchitis, sinusitis and asthma.

Procedure of neti yoga:

There is slightly salty water kept in a elongated tea pot known as the 'neti pot' . The stout of the pot is inserted in one nostril slightly . The head is kept tilted in such a way that the nostril where the stout is inserted is up to the empty nostril. Then tilt the pot and let water one nostril with the help of stout . The water then enters the nasal passage and comes out from the other nostril.

Types of Neti yoga:

Jala Neti:*img

It is done with water. It is done with saline water.

Dugdh Neti:*img

It is done using lukewarm milk. You should prefer cow milk for this exercise.

The Neti yoga keeps your nose moist from the insides and if you practice this daily , nose bleeding will be a problem of the past.

Although, you should know that , there shouldn't be any pain to the nose. If you are experiencing pain then consult a doctor.


Nose bleeds are treatable and rarely indicate any major disease. So, if you practice these simple yoga and include the above food in your diet, you will experience no reoccurrence of a bleeding nose.


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Ullu Series - Dekhtey Raho: Effective home remedies for nose bleeding
Effective home remedies for nose bleeding
Ullu Series - Dekhtey Raho
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