Easy and Efficient Home Remedies to prevent Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is disease spread by mosquito bite and it is a viral disease. The viruses that cause dengue also cause West Nile infection and yellow fever.

There are about 400 million people affected with dengue and almost 96 million result in illness. This disease is common in tropical areas of the world. The areas that are mostly affected with dengue are:

  1. Indian subcontinent
  2. South china
  3. Taiwan
  4. Mexico
  5. Africa
  6. Pacific islands
  7. The Caribbean islands
  8. South America

The dengue fever is contracted by bite of the Aedes mosquito. This mosquito is responsible for transmission of dengue. However, the dengue fever does not spread on it's own from one person to another.

When the mosquito bites a person infected with dengue, it takes up the blood. the viruses taken up are entered into another person when other person is bitten by the mosquito.

Symptoms of dengue fever:

The symptoms of dengue begin four to six days after infection. The infection spreads to and the symptoms last for up to 10 days.

Symptoms Of Dengue Fever

The symptoms of dengue fever are:

  • High fever. This fever occurs suddenly out of the blue.
  • Very severe and unbearable headaches
  • There is pain behind the eyes
  • There is immense pain in the joints and muscles
  • Tiredness
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • After about five days skin rash occurs
  • Mild bleeding from the nose and from the gums

Initially the symptoms are mild and occur as normal flu or viral infection. however, the symptoms worsen as the time passes. Generally, the people who never had an infection before develop minor flu-like symptoms. However, serious problems develop which include hemorrhagic fever. In this fever, there is damage to the lymph and blood flows out from the nose and gums. Moreover, there is enlargement of liver and the blood circulation system fails in dengue.

These symptoms lead to heavy bleeding, shock and even death and this condition is known as dengue shock syndrome (DSS).

The people who are inherently weaker or have very weak immune systems are prone to dengue. They are at high risk of developing hemorrhagic fever due to dengue.

How to prevent dengue?

You can protect yourself from dengue if you follow certain guidelines. Especially, if  you are living in a tropical country , then you should make sure that there are no open puddles or water storage. This is because, these are the areas where this Aedes mosquito breeds. Hence if we do not keep open puddles, there will be less mosquito breeding and it will lower the chances of getting dengue.

The FDA also approved a dengue vaccine called as DENGVAXIA in 2019. This vaccine is protects the adolescents aged 9 to 16 from dengue infections. However, there is no such vaccine to protect the general population from getting dengue.

Prevention of Dengue

You should follow the following steps to protect yourself from dengue:

  • If you have a lot of mosquitoes, use repellants when indoors.
  • Use air conditioner if  you live in a neighborhood prone for dengue mosquitoes
  • Use mosquito nets while sleeping if you do not have air conditioner to prevent mosquito bites
  • Do not store water in the open to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. The water usually gets stored in old tires, cans or flower pots.

If you notice any symptoms of dengue then consult your doctor immediately.

Home Remedies for Dengue:

Dengue is a common disease in the tropical areas of the world. Here are some effective home remedies for dengue fever. These remedies do not cure dengue. However, they will ensure that the symptoms do not alleviate to a level where they become fatal.

Giloy for Dengue Fever:

In Ayurveda Giloy has great potential for getting rid of  dengue fever. Giloy helps in bringing down the temperature of the body. Hence helps in bringing down the dengue fever.

Gilloy For Dengue Fever

Methi leaves for Dengue Fever:

Methi leaves are responsible for bringing down the Dengue Fever. It also helps to relax muscles in the body. Hence it is very beneficial to cure the weakness associated with dengue fever.

Methi leaves for dengue fever

You can have Methi leaves in the following way:

You can have them raw or soak the seeds overnight and then have them in the morning.

Papaya leaves for Dengue Fever:

Papaya leaves are a go to remedy for dengue. This is because papaya leaves juice increases the platelet count inside the body. Hence it helps in fighting away of dengue. They are also rich in antioxidants and vitamins like Vitamin C. Papaya leaves help to bring down the occurrence of chills, body ache and fever in dengue.

Papaya leaves for dengue fever

You  can have papaya leaves in the following way:

Take 3 to 4 leaves of papaya and blend them together to form a juice. Take this juice at least twice a day. It will instantly improve the platelet count of the body.

Turmeric for Dengue Fever:

Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory agent and antimicrobial. It has been used since ages in India to cure different ailments and as wound dressings etc.  You can use turmeric for dengue fever as it has healing properties and helps in bringing down fever.

Turmeric for dengue fever

Here is method to use turmeric for dengue:

Just take 1-2 tablespoon of turmeric powder or an inch or crushed raw turmeric. Add this to one cup of boiling hot milk. You can add some sugar or honey for sweetness and good taste. Take this turmeric milk everyday in the morning and at night.

Tulsi or holy basil for Dengue Fever:

Holy basil is one of the main constituents in concoctions given to treat fever and many other ailments. It is a healing herb and has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities.

Hence if you have three basil leaves everyday along with honey, you will notice that the condition improves.

Tulsi or holy basil for dengue fever

Steps to make Tulsi concoction:

Take 3 to 4 Tulsi leaves and crush them. Then add them to one cup water and boil for some time. add some black pepper powder and honey to the mixture. Have this concoction at least twice and you should drink it hot.

Neem leaves:

Neem leaves are great in antimicrobial action. They also increase the platelet count in dengue. You can use neem leaves in the following way:

Neem leaves for Dengue Fever

Take 5 neem leaves and boil them in water. Drink this water everyday to increase platelet count and improve health in dengue fever.

Orange juice:

Oranges are greatest source of vitamin C. The vitamin C is very helpful in the following ways:

  • It helps to detoxify the body
  • Improves immunity of the body
  • Initiates cell repair
  • Fights away infections.Orange juice for Dengue Fever

You should have orange juice daily if you are suffering from dengue fever.

Golden seal:

Golden seal is a dried root herb. It has similar action to papaya leaves. Golden seal helps to improve the immunity and increases the platelet count in people suffering from dengue. You can have this herb in the form of powder, it is very beneficial for treating dengue fever.

Golden seal herb For Dengue Fever

Yoga for Dengue Fever:

Dengue fever is a condition when we feel extremely tired and have weakness in the body. In such a condition it is impossible to do yoga poses. .

Kapalbhati :

In this ,you have inhale regularly but exhalations should be forceful. This is known to clear nasal passages and remove 80% of the toxins as you exhale.

Kapalbhati for Dengue Fever

Anulom Vilom Pranayama:

In this breathing exercise, take air in from left nostril and block the other nostril by using a finger. Then exhale air from the right nostril. Take in air from the right and exhale through the left nostril. This is known as anulom vilom .

Anulom vilom Pranayama for Dengue fever

Nadishodhan Pranayama:

It provides relaxing effect and brings down the body temperature. This simple breathing exercise will clear the nasal pathway and clean your respiratory system which helps in dengue.

Nadishodhan Pranayama

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