Body pain and Muscle pain: 11 easy and fast home remedies


Body pain is a common symptom of many conditions, like flu and other problems related to spinal injury, posture etc. Exercise, walking or standing for long periods of time lead to body pain.

It can get cured if you just take some  rest after intense workout or have proper sleep and resting periods in your day. However, in case of longer painful conditions, you should consult a doctor.

Causes of body pain:

Here are some causes of body pain that can hinder your everyday activities.


Stress is the root cause of body pain. In stressful condition the body's immune response is not good and it causes inflammation in the body.

Moreover, the immune system becomes weak when there  is increase in stress in the body.  Additionally, your body becomes prone to sickness and disorders when it is under stress.

You might have stress and anxiety if you have the following symptoms:

  • high heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Hot flashes and sweat
  • Hyperventilation
  • Headaches and migraine.


Water is essential for proper working of your body. Hence, when you suffer from dehydration you notice that you have high body pain as water influences breathing and digestion.

Other symptoms apart from body pain are:

  • Dark urine
  • Dizziness
  • Exhaustion
  • Thirst

Lack of sleep:

Rest is also an integral part of your life. So, you should rest for at least 6-8 hours daily to avoid burnout. Rest is important factor for body pain because when you do not rest properly, your body exhausts. This is because, the body rejuvenated itself when it is rested properly.

Cold or flu like conditions:

in cold and flu like conditions, the body wears out and leads to weakness and tiredness. This happens because, in these conditions, the body is fighting against the infection and has become inflamed. So, it is very common to have body pain in these situations.


In anemia, the blood cells loose ability to carry oxygen efficiently to every part of the body. With anemia, the body feels fatigued and as a result leads to immense tiredness.

Vitamin D deficiency:

When you suffer from deficiency of vitamin D, it leads to lack of absorption of calcium in the body. Eventually the bones become weak and even muscles cannot function properly. This leads to body ache which can get reserved once there is enough calcium and vitamin D.

Other causes of body pain are:

  • osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Mononucleosis
  • Pneumonia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Fatigue
  • Lupus
  • Lyme disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Home remedies to get rid of body pain:

Apple cider vinegar for body pain:

Apple cider vinegar is great for body pain because it has anti-inflammatory properties which helps to relieve  pain.

You can use it in the following way:

Take 1-2 tsp. of apple cider vinegar along with water every day.

You can also add some honey or sugar for sweetness.

Cold compress for body pain: *img

Practice cold compress to relieve the body pain. The pain and swelling gets reduced when you use cold compress.

Hot compress for body pain: *img

Hot compress is also beneficial for body pain. This is because the muscles relax and the stress reduces in the neck. This reduces pain.

Massage with essential oils for body pain: *img

The  muscles are stained, so the best way to get rid of body pain is by massaging. You can go to a massage therapist or just massage at your home with essential oils .

According to the pain, you can either do a hard massage or soft massage. The deeper the massage, more is the relief.

However, if you are injured and that is why it pains, then do not opt for deep massage, go for soft massage or skip this remedy as it will increase it.

Cinnamon tea for body pain:

You can use cinnamon for  pain in the following way:
Take one inch of cinnamon bark and put it in hot boiling water. Let all the contents of the cinnamon seep inside the water. Then add honey and drink this cinnamon honey to relieve pain.

Ginger Tea for body pain:

Ginger has anti-inflammatory property and also it acts a digestive tonic for body pain. It also eases flatulence and eases pain due to stomach gas. Moreover, it is great for nausea and pain.

You can have ginger in the following way:

Take one inch of ginger and grate it. Then add this to one cup water and boil to get ginger tea. You can also include ginger in your daily diet by adding ginger powder to cookies, cakes, curries etc.

Turmeric for body pain:

The turmeric's main active compound is curcumin and other compounds are sterols and polyphenols. Thus it helps in digestive conditions and its anti inflammatory action helps in relieving the ache caused due to . You can have turmeric in the following way for body pain:

Add this powder to milk or  hot water and drink this daily for relief against a number of ailments.

Cayenne pepper:

It contains capsaicin and this compound helps to block the pain receptors in the body. It also increases the blood flow to and helps to fight body pain.

You can use cayenne pepper in the following way:

You can use it by adding it a cup of warm water and drinking this mixture


This extract helps to relieve inflammation in the body. Hence relieves body pain associated to flu and other inflammatory conditions.

You can use rosemary in the following way:

Take 1 tsp. of rosemary tea and add it to one glass of hot water. Keep it seeped in for about 10 minutes. Strain and add honey before drinking.

You can also use rosemary oil to massage your body for relaxation. However, you should make sure that rosemary oil should be mixed with carrier oil before application.

Mustard oil:

Mustard oil is great when it comes to body massage for body pain. This is because, it contains ally isothiocyanate that helps in relieving inflammation.

Just massage the body with mustard oil before bathing or at night before sleeping.


Banana is a great source of potassium and it does not directly reduce  pain. It has indirect action which is by increasing the potassium levels in the body. This is useful only if the body pain is caused due to reduction in potassium levels in the body.

To restore the potassium reserves in the body, you should include at least one banana in your diet.

Yoga for body pain:

Child pose:*img

It is deeply relaxing yoga pose called 'shishuasana'

How to do this pose?

Sit on your knees in such a way that heels touch the buttocks. Then bend down and keep your hands over your head. Keep your palms facing down.

It calms the nervous system and relieves stress and hence  pain.

Seated forward bend pose: *img

It stretches your spine and helps release the gases. It brings pressure on the abdominal area. Hence, relieves pain. You can do this pose in the following way:

Sit on the floor with your back straight and legs straight ahead of you. Then bend forward so that your nose touches the knees. Stay in the seated forward pose for 5 mins to as long as you can.

Half spinal twist pose: *img

This pose helps in detoxification of the body. It also improves the circulation to the digestive tract, hence aiding its function. Stretches the neck and back muscles and brings relief from body pain.


Sit on the floor with legs straight in front of you. Then gradually bend the left knee and bring the right leg closer to the pelvic region just as cross legged position. Bend your right knee and keep your right feet over the left knee. Now, bring your left arm across your right knee in such a way that there is a twist in the spine to do this pose.

Stay in this position for some time and then come back to the original position.

Legs against the wall pose: *img

In this pose you have to lie down on your back and place your legs parallel to the wall. Lean the legs over the wall and stay in this position for some time.

It improves blood circulation to the upper body. Hence, very good pose for body pain relief.

Cat pose: *img

Steps to do this pose:

Stand on all fours on the floor with your knees and palms on the floor. Then inhale as you bend your spine in such a way that the belly is in dip position and the hips are up. Then exhale as you round your spine tilting your head and tail bone towards the floor just like a cat upwards.

This pose helps in relieving pain related to spinal cord and neck and relieves muscle pain.

Triangle pose : *img

This pose is best for beginners. This is because it is very easy to do and you can do this with low flexibility too.

How to do this pose?

Stand straight with feet slightly wide apart. Then bend down sideways in such a way that your hands touch the toes of the feet. It may not touch in the beginning but as you practice more you will notice increase in flexibility.

However, it is important to stretch the muscles. Practice this pose for 5-10 mins for relief.

Corpse pose: * img

It is very easy and should be done after all the yoga.

Just lie down quietly. Remove all the bondages such as belts, watch etc. and Lie on your back with feet slightly apart. Be in this position for 20 mins.


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