Adult acne-Effective and easy home remedies

 If you are not a teenager but still wondering why you are having acne, this article is just for you. The acne which appears in your late 20s is known as adult acne.

It must be so irritating to wait until your late teens to finally have clear skin , but then they reappear in your 20s .Adult acne does not just affect your skin, but it also affects your self image and self confidence. Especially, in the time when you are out in the world building a lasting reputation on the people.

You must have tried so many different treatments , like acne creams etc. But , if your acne is reappearing in your adult life then there is definitely some cause . If we can identify and treat this cause , it will help you become acne free soon.

What causes acne?*img

Adult acne is caused due to clogged pores in the skin. The pores are responsible for sweating and keeps your skin moisturized and smooth. The pores contain sebaceous glands also known as oil glands . These glands secrete oil on the skin. When the pores of the oil glands get clogged with dirt , the oil does not secrete out of the glands . This is attacked by bacteria and there you go ,you develop a pimple.

If you keep your skin clean and exfoliate it from within , this problem can be managed. However, if you are practicing  cleansing of your skin and still suffering from adult acne . Then you should look for some other causes.

Figuring out the cause for adult acne can be really frustrating. Here are some other causes of adult acne apart from the most common one:

Adult acne causes:

Hormonal abnormality:

In women , it is very common to have an adult acne or two before menstruation. This is because in this period the amount of progesterone increases in your body and increases the production of oil and sebum . These acne occur mostly on chin ,forehead or nose. In males , if testosterone levels increase , it leads to acne. Dermatologists say that these acne are very common and any topical treatment can rarely affect such acne.

If acne occur during these periods they are due to hormonal changes:

  • Periods
  • Pregnancy
  • If you are  premenopausal or post menopausal
  • If you are taking birth control pills.


We experience a lot of stress nowadays . When you are under stress, your body produces cortisol or stress hormone.

Cortisol affects the functions of digestive system, nervous system and immune system. Hence , it is very possible that this cortisol messes up with your skin making it produce more sebum. As a result,  adult acne appear on the skin.

Environmental pollution.

It is still unclear if pollution causes acne. However, pollution and UV radiations are bad for the skin. Excess of grime and diet on the face increases acne production. When exposed to impurities and polluted air, these dirt and other impurities clog the pores and produce acne. When the skin gets exposed to UV radiation , it causes drying out of skin and causes excess production of sebum . This builds up and causes adult acne .

Using oil based products:

Acne most probably occur on the oily skin. If you have oily skin and use oily base products , then the acne condition would worsen. So, you should use water based skin lotions.

Also, excess product build up on the skin increases the chances of having acne. Hence , you should always wash your face properly while sleeping or after applying a lot of makeup. You should clean your skin thoroughly with a cleanser.


In some people certain foods can trigger acne. Especially, oily, fatty foods , excess meat , chocolate , cheese , pizza etc. There is no  proof as the triggering foods are different for different people. So if you identify what kind of food triggers adult cane then you are step closer in treating them.

Health conditions:

There are certain health conditions like the PCOS - Polycystic ovary syndrome. In this there are hormonal fluctuations inside your body which increase the chances of getting hormonal adult acne. Other conditions which require medications of steroids, lithium or androgens can increase the chances of getting adult acne.


The size and visibility of skin pores are based on your genetics. Also, if you have parents who have suffered through adult acne problem , then it is most likely that you could develop too. However, if you are extra careful, you can mange this issue.

Home remedies for adult acne:

Tea tree oil:*img

Tea tree oil is very effective as it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties . As a result it kills P. Acnes , which causes acne. In addition to this, tea tree oil also reduces swelling and redness associated with adult acne.

Steps to use:

You can find tea tree oil very easily. If the tea tree oil is used as an oil it should be combined with carrier oil first.

Jojoba oil:*img

Jojoba oil is effective in wound healing including acne lesions. It also helps in reducing the redness and swelling associated with adult acne. This means that it has anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

In a 2012 study, it was observed that after using jojoba oil for 2 weeks , there was 54% increase in the improvement of the adult acne.

Steps to use:

Just add some drops of jojoba oil to your face creams, masks, gel and apply it on the face . You can use it directly on the face using a cotton swab.

Aloe Vera:*img

Aloe Vera is like a magical plant for skin conditions. It contains anti inflammatory , cleansing properties and soothes the skin from within. It is  not oily yet it acts as a moisturizer as it has a lot of water.


First clean your skin with a skin cleanser. Then apply aloe Vera gels and gently massage it in the skin. Make sure to purchase aloe Vera which has at least 10 percent aloe gel in it.


Garlic is used from the ancient times to fight infections. This is because, garlic contains Sulphur compounds which have antibacterial and anti inflammatory effect.

Steps to use garlic for skin:

You can include large amount of garlic into your diet. You can have it with butter toast , as a flavoring for meat and vegetables, in the form of tea. Garlic is  easily available all  around the world and garlic flavor is tasty. So add some garlic , and eat delicious food simultaneously treating adult acne.

Green tea:*img

Green tea contains anti oxidants and catechins. Some people have too much oil in their pores and no antioxidants. The antioxidants help in breaking down of chemicals and waste products that can cause adult acne.  Green tea heels in the following way:

  • reduces sebum production
  • reduces P. Acnes and inflammation

One study found that 79% and 89% percent decrease in white heads and blackheads.


Honey is very effective in treating skin conditions. It contains antioxidants that help clear dirt and debris from the pores of the skin. Thus help in treatment of acne. Moreover, honey also has anti bacterial properties. This is the best acne treatment for adults with sensitive skin.

Steps to use honey:

Just dip your finger in the honey and apply it on the acne .


Rosemary extract is rich in antioxidant, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial  properties. In  2013 a study as performed on mice models and human cells. It suggested that rosemary extract is effective against P. Acnes which causes acne. This is effective for adult acne treatment.

Honey and cinnamon mask :*img

Honey and cinnamon are excellent in treating acne. It is because, both honey and cinnamon are rich in antioxidants. Anti oxidants help in clearing away of dirt and oil on the skin. It was also seen that this mask is more effective than benzoyl peroxide and retinoids. Honey and cinnamon also reduce inflammation and fight bacteria , which are responsible for acne .


Take 2 tbsp. honey and 1 tsp. of cinnamon and apply this mix on the entire face.

Leave this mask for 10 minutes and then rinse.

Fish oil :*img

Fish oils are enriched with omega 3 fatty acid which have a range of benefits for the skin. It benefits the skin by managing oil production, maintaining enough hydration and preventing adult acne from formation.

In a study , it was concluded that by taking fish oil supplements acne decreased significantly.

Exfoliate regularly:*img

It is a process of removing the top layer of dry skin cells and dirt from your skin. We can mechanically exfoliate by using a brush or scrub remove the dry skin. Exfoliation clears the skin off dirt which could clog the pores producing acne.

In addition to that exfoliation can increase the effectiveness of other acne treatments. They can penetrate deeply and cure the adult acne issue.

You can use exfoliating scrubs directly from market. However, you should be careful that it is not oil based or  be too harsh on the skin.

This is very effective for adult acne treatment.


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