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 Charmsukh Pajama Party Ullu Web Series 

Ullu app most watched drama and erotic Hindi ullu web seriesCharmsukh-Pajama Party” released on 11th October 2019. This episode is direct by Pravin Raja and lead roles are Jayati Thakar, Kajal, Vihan Verma,Gaurav Kumar and others.

Charmsukh Pajama Party Ullu Web Series Storyline

The story of the pajama party revolves around Rahul, who loves a girl, Neeta. He also promises her. Rahul comes to Delhi from Kanpur for studies. But one night his friend Sam bring a dancer to the pajama party. Dancer wants make physical relationship with him. His friends also force him for personal interest. Will Rahul be able to fulfill his promise made to Neeta, it will be seen in this web show.

A never-to-break promise with a beloved one brings trouble in Rahul’s new journey of dreams. He has been used as bait for the greed of his friends landing him in a difficult situation to choose between keeping the promise or break it. Will Rahul be able to keep his promise alive and protect his relation? To find out, Watch the Episode-6 of Charmsukh,” PAJAMA PARTY”.

Charmsukh Pajama Party Ullu Web Series Wiki/Detail

NameCharmsukh (pajama party) 2020
GenreErotic, romance
OTT PlatformUllu app
Release date5 December 2020
Number of episodes1

Charmsukh Pajama Party Ullu Web Series Cast

  • Vihan Verma as Rahul
  • Kajal as Neeta
  • Gaurav Kumar as Sam
  • Jayati Thakar as Dancer
  • Charmsukh Pajama Party Ullu Release Date
  • 18 October 2019

Charmsukh Pajama Party Ullu Web Series Review

Charmsukh (Pajama Party) is a bold-drama ullu web series, not breaking the promise made with his girlfriend 'Neeta', remains a hindrance in Rahul's dream journey. Her friends use her as a bait because of their greed and take her to a place where she is forced to make a choice she had never imagined.

Vihan Verma (Rahul), Kajal (Neeta), Gaurav Kumar (Sam) and Jayati Thakar (Dancer) are seen in the lead roles in this series. Watch Charmsukh (Charamsukh) ullu web series only and only on ULLU App.

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