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Charmsukh Mom and Daughter Ullu Web Series:

Charmsukh (Mom And Daughter) is a bold-drama ullu web series and its story revolves around a beautiful girl Anya and her single mother. Anya is a cultured girl and gets intimate with her boyfriend for the first time, will she be able to achieve extreme happiness or will the story take a new turn ?

Nikhil Arora (Boyfriend), Ruby Bharaj (Daughter) and Rajsi Verma (Mother) are seen in the lead roles in this series. Watch Charmsukh (Charamsukh) web series only and only on ULLU App.

Charmsukh Mom and Daughter is an Indian ullu web series that is released on ullu app. The genre of this web series is erotic, romance. You can watch all episodes of this ullu web series on ullu app.

Charmsukh Mom and Daughter Ullu Web Series Storyline:

Anya, well cultured and soul to her single mother, intimates with her boyfriend for the first time, will she get her Charmsukh or just a simple hook. Watch Anya’s Charmsukh story.

The plot revolves around Anya who is in love. She decides to spend happy moments with her lover. Things take a shocking turn when the boy meets his mother. Will things ever return to normal?

The cast of Charmsukh Mom and Daughter web series stars Ruby Bhara, Rajsi Verma. ullu Original Content is bringing new ideas to impress the audience.

Charmsukh Mom and Daughter Ullu Web Series Cast

Charmsukh (Mom And Daughter) - (Cast & Crew)

Charmsukh Mom and Daughter Ullu Web Series Full Details:

Full Information:

NameCharmsukh Mom and Daughter
GenreErotic, romance
OTT PlatformUllu app
Release dateJanuary 2020
Number of episodes1

Charmsukh Mom and Daughter Ullu Web Series Review

Mom and Daughter was the first episode that kickstarted the Charmsukh franchise. And they haven’t looked back since then. Mom and Daughter showed the audience what they can expect from the Charmsukh series.

Which was a fast-paced small story that will do everything to give you what you desire. At that time no one knew that Charmsukh will be this big of a deal. But we are 31 episodes down now and Charmsukh is not stopping anytime soon.

The story of this episode revolves around a broken relationship between a mother and a daughter because of the daughter’s boyfriend. The story starts with the daughter sneaking her boyfriend inside the house when her mother is not there.

And ends with the mother spending the night with the boyfriend. When the daughter finds out about that in the morning, her heart got crushed. Will she be able to get over this heartbreak ?

It was a fast-paced series that set the tone for all the future episodes of Charmsukh. And told fans what kind of episodes they will get in the future.

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